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SANSUI SR-717 Direct Drive Manual Turntable Top Notch

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SANSUI SR-717 Direct Drive Manual Turntable Top Notch Picture(s) and Description:

 114653503895246920 SANSUI SR 717 Direct Drive Manual Turntable Top Notch

SquareTrade © AP6.0 SANSUI SR-717 DIRECT DRIVE TRANSCRIPTION TURNTABLE 45 and 33 rpm heavy-duty direct drive motor fully manual operation....no auto functions besides cueing lever strobe speed indicator variable speed adjustments for 45 and 33 real wood veneer side panels auction includes Shure Hi-Track cartridge with a good needle This is a fine turntable. It has a heavy-duty drive motor, and it is is completely manual. The tone arm is not coupled to any switches or gears...it is wired to the RCA terminals and the ground and that is it. The unit is very heavy and has an oversized plinth. The platter is very thick and heavy. This turntable works perfectly. Both speeds are perfect and stable. Adjustments work fine. The cartridge is old, and I do not know how many hours are on the stylus, but it sound good as it is. The unit looks extremely nice. The entire package would be near mint, but the top of the dust cover has some light scratches. No major scratches. and No chips or dings. Below are some details from Sansui. Description Sansui has engineered this direct drive transcription turntable with particular attention to three key qualities; precision, stability and durability. When it comes to performance, vibrations you can't hear can, indeed, be extremely harmful to faithful reproduction of musical timbre and nuances. The Sansui SR-717 protects you from all motor vibration by driving the high inertia platter directly with a DC servomotor with it's own solid-state electronic control system. The S-shaped tonearm with friction-free Sansui support reduces all tracing distortion. And the no-howl cabinet does away with resonance. Sansui uses super-hardened steel alloy and other advanced materials throughout to ensure impressive performance over long use. When you listen to the SR717, all you will hear is what is on the record, not under it. Specifications Type: two-speed, direct-drive Motor: electronically controlled 20-pole synchronous motor with direct drive Platter: 300mm aluminium alloy die-cast Wow and flutter: less than 0.035% WRMS Signal to noise ratio: better than 60dB Speeds: 33 and 45rpm Tonearm: statically balanced, s-shaped, tubular tonearm with anti-skating device Effective length: 235mm Overhang: 16.5mm Cartridge weight range: 4 to 18g Dimensions: 508 x 182 x 394mm Weight: 13.1kg RETURNS AND REFUNDS I guarantee my item description. If the item does not match the item description I will refund you completely. I want satisfied customers...so please contact me if there is any problem after you have received your item. SHIPPING OPTIONS YOU CAN USE THE EBAY PRICE AS A REFERENCE, BUT THE PRICE WILL BE SLIGHTLY LESS BECAUSE FEDEX GROUND IS LESS EXPENSIVE. IF YOU WANT A DETAILED QUOTE, PLEASE USE THE INFORMATION BELOW. CONTINENTAL USA: SHIPPING WITH FEDEX GROUND www.FedEx.com touch the SHIP TAB click the GET RATES Shipping from zip code 80305. Select DROP OFF AT FEDEX STAFFED LOCATION. CLICK NO FEDEX ACCOUNT. Then click DETAILED QUOTE under PACKAGE TYPE, select YOUR PACKAGING box will weigh 38 pounds, and measure 27 x 22 x 16 Please leave a rating of "5" on all detailed sellers ratings (DSRs) when you are leaving feedback. EBay recently made changes to their feedback system where sellers can suffer SEVERE penalties if anything besides a "5" is left and you may be hurting your favorite sellers without knowing it. What are these penalties? *Any rating below 4.9: Seller pays an additional 5% in fees to sell on eBay *Any rating below 4.8: Seller pays an additional 10% in fees to sell on eBay, and seller's listings are demoted in eBay's search - making them harder to find *Any rating below 4.6: Seller pays an additional 5% in fees to sell on eBay and loses power seller status. Listings are further demoted in eBay's search *Any rating below 4.3: Penalty -Seller's listings are moved the the last pages of search results *Any rating below 4.1: Penalty - Seller is no longer allowed to list on eBay If you feel that the service you received does not warrant a "5" rating, PLEASE contact me so we can resolve any issues for you.

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