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Philips GA 212 Turntable – Serviced Excellent Shape

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Philips GA 212 Turntable – Serviced Excellent Shape Picture(s) and Description:

 228723005289268810 Philips GA 212 Turntable   Serviced  Excellent Shape

Up for your consideration is a very nice Philips GA212 table in excellent working and cosmetic condition. I've serviced perhaps twenty of these and this is one of the nicest ones! Here's what it needed. A new belt, new AC connector, new RCA cords and a new AC power switch. All the bulbs for 33/45/Off are original Philips bulbs and work. The auto-shutoff is an original bulb and works (as well as the auto shutoff function). The RCA interconnect was corroded so I replaced that (the original will be included in case you want it). The AC plug had been changed at some point so I put a more appropriately- sized one on. The 33/45 speeds were internally adjusted to ensure that the user-accessable external controls were in the center of their range. The AC power switch was "spongy" as they often are so I put a new one in. The cueing works fine. The dustcover is in excellent shape with no cracks or major scratches. A few minor marks. The wooden base is near mint with just a few tiny marks barely visable. The cartridge is an older Audio Technica with a good stylus. It wouldn't hurt to put a new one in the future but it is certainly useable. I will guarantee the table to be as stated. However, as with all vintage electronics, there is risk that it might have problems in the future. The bulbs for the 33/45/Off may need replacing at some point. The auto-shutoff circuitry in these tables is some what finiky. It could need a new bulb and/or adjustment in the future. (no big deal if it does fail, the table will still work fine, just not automatically shut off). A photocopy of the owners manual will be provided. (you should check the tracking force after you get it and remove the transport screw) For shipping I will only use Fedex. Sorry NO UPS or USPS on this one. Also NO INTERNATIONAL. I will charge a $10 packing fee as it is quite a job to pack these to keep them protected. (takes a good hour plus the materials plus the trip to FedEX). The platter will be removed as will the dustcover and they will be isolated. The transport screw for the suspension is installed. Pictures of the packing will be taken just in case. Plan on 27lbs packed. If the shipping calculator seems high on Ebay I'd be happy to quote you. I would ask that you check it out within a week of receipt. And if for any reason you are not satisfied please CONTACT me first before leaving feedback and I will resolve it. Reserve set at $90

 228723005289268811 Philips GA 212 Turntable   Serviced  Excellent Shape
 228723005289268812 Philips GA 212 Turntable   Serviced  Excellent Shape
 228723005289268813 Philips GA 212 Turntable   Serviced  Excellent Shape

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