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Kenwood KD-850 top-of-the-line turntable

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Kenwood KD-850 top-of-the-line turntable Picture(s) and Description:

 547041607857094610 Kenwood KD 850 top of the line turntable

The KD-850 was the second most expensive turntable in Kenwood's history. The only more expensive one was the ultra high-tech L-07D, otherwise everything else was sold for less: KP-07/KP-07M, KD-990 etc. The extremely high starting torque (1.5kg · cm or more) is coupled with extremely good S/N ration (better than 83dB, see specifications below). The diecast aluminum alloy platter is among the heaviest ones you can find in direct drive TTs (about 6 lbs with the rubber mat) and produces a very high inertia moment (see specs below). The unit is in very good-excellent cosmetic condition (please see pictures) but does not work properly: the platter speeds up to high RPM due to some error in the quartz control feedback. Pressing the relevant buttons tonearm moves as it should left and right/fast and slow, up and down. Automatic record size detector works properly. Automatic start/cueing to operate needs the repeat button pushed first though. All button are sensitive as new. Despite the failures it is probably easier to repair the TT than find one. Since I bought a perfectly working second KD-850 soon after this one with a very close serial number (132 and 146) from an other source, I dropped the project to repair this unit, what is beyond my skills anyway. Due to the serial numbers I speculate that less than 500 KD-850 were made, but at least I have not seen any KD-850 for sale in the past two years. For the prospective buyer service manual is available for free at vinylengine.com. I installed a new heat and oil resistant belt on the tone arm mechanism motor spindle. Hinges are original, but I replaced the broken plastic part with identically sized metal ones (taken from brand new hinges), so they will last forever. The cabinet has some minor damage at the lower corners, and some bruise under the tonearm. Platter is shiny but has some marks around. Dustcover is in excellent conditions, no chips or cracks, it is made of a thick, strong and resilient material. Tonearm (IMHO matches the quality of separate tonearms for $4-500), counterweight and headshell are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. Heavy rubber composite platter mat is in excellent condition too with no sign of aging, just as the rubber inserts in the feet are. There are other, less noticeable marks, for more accurate assessment please see pictures. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The TT is very well cleaned. For safe shipping platter, tonearm counter weight, headshell will be removed, tonearm secured, dustcover will be padded in- and outside, elevated from the plinth with padding and hinges uninserted. Ample padding will be applied in general. The TT weighs about 32 lbs unpacked, and about 38 packed, so shipping is calculated accordingly. Please note: record weight and cartridge pictured are not included! Specifications: ? Motor ? phono section Drive system Direct drive Motor Model Quartz PLL reversible servo motor 30 slot 20 pole Starting torque 1.5kg · cm or more Turntable Made of aluminum die-cast 33cm/2.6kg Moment of inertia (Including rubber sheet) 550kg · cm 2 Number of revolutions 331/3, 45rpm Wow and flutter 0.022% (WRMS) 0.0165% (using rotary encoders) SN ratio 83dB (DIN-B) Load characteristics of transient 0.00030% or less (load 400Hz331 / 3,20 kg · cm) 0.00015% or less (load 1kHz331 / 3,20 kg · cm) Start-up characteristics Second 1.8 (331/3rpm) Rotational speed deviation ± 0.002% or less Drift time Less than 0.0002% / h Temperature drift Less than 0.00002% / ? Supply Voltage 0% (± 10V) ? ? tone arm Type Shell head pipe plug-in standard EIA-shaped arm Static balance S The effective length of the arm 245mm Overhang 15mm Tracking error +1.8 ° ~ -1.0 ° Tracking weight 0 ~ 3g Applicable cartridge weight (When using the supplied shell 12g) 2 ~ 12g ? ? automatic mechanism Record size detection time (after the PLAY button operation) Seconds or less 1.7 (331/3rpm), within seconds, 1.5 (45rpm) Free speed selection behavior (tone arm rotation speed) 18mm / s (Slow), 51mm / s (Fast) ? ? the overall characteristics Power AC110V, 50/60Hz (View based on Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) power consumption 18W Dimension 491W × 176H × 404Dmm Weight 14.5kg

 547041607857094611 Kenwood KD 850 top of the line turntable
 547041607857094612 Kenwood KD 850 top of the line turntable
 547041607857094613 Kenwood KD 850 top of the line turntable

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