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AR XA Merrill Upgraded Vintage Turntable

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 140561705433019170 AR XA Merrill Upgraded Vintage Turntable

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I am selling my personal AR XA turntable that I upgraded over twenty two years ago. I spent months in 1988 upgrading this turntable using the full complement of parts that were available at the time from George Merrill’s Underground Sound in Tennessee. I am the original owner of this AR XA turntable that I bought new in 1968 (along with AR-3a speakers and the original AR Amplifier) when I graduated from college. The AR XA turntable listed for $78 in 1968 (equivalent to $497 in 2010 dollars) and I spent over $950 dollars upgrading it in 1988 (equivalent to $1,778 in 2010 dollars). It was worth every penny because of the enjoyment that I got out of the effort and resulting sound. The Merrill/AR turntable is in outstanding shape and sounds great. It has not seen much use since I bought a SOTA Star Sapphire vacuum hold down turntable many years ago. Here Are What the Upgrades Were Merrill acrylic sub-chassis for an AR XA turntableDrilling of sub-chassis for a new tone arm (done by Merrill) Merrill spring kitMerrill drive motorBeltNew pulley form MerrillReplace original spindle with a Merrill spindleLead coat and balance original AR platter (done by Merrill)Cut out opening in top plate of turntable to fit Merrill sub-chassisNew Linn Basik Plus tone armGrado Signature MCX moving iron cartridge (will probably need a moving coil preamp capability from amp or preamp)Install Audioquest Sorbothane sheet to bottom of original AR metal top plate to eliminate resonanceInstall rubber feet to bottom of corners of original wooden frame of AR XA turntableInstall new power switchInstall Sumiko Premier PIB-1 Interface box for stereo cable interconnectsNew AR plastic dust cover (bought direct from AR factory in Norwood Massachusetts)SOTA reflex clampSOTA Supermat acrylic mat (I am pretty sure that is what the mat is but I can’t swear to it. It might also be a Sumiko Mat from Audio Advisor) What’s Included (see pictures) Upgraded AR/Merrill turntable with Linn Basik Plus tonearm with Grado Signature MCX tonearm (see above for the upgrades)Extra Grado MCZ stylus (I don’t remember why I bought this) plus Grado tool for swapping out styli (tool is inside cylindrical Joseph Grado metal case)An extra unused stereo cartridge (I am not sure of the brand but heck it’s free: it has a logo that is a circle with what looks like sideways letter K in the middle – it is most likely a Linn moving magnet stereo cartridge)AR plastic dust cover in great shape with a few small scratches SOTA reflex clampMerrill high viscosity turntable bearing oilMerrill spring kitOriginal AR “Needle Force Gauge”Original AR A. W. Haydon drive motorTwo extra pulleysA bunch of screws, parts and tools from the original turntableSet of instructions from Merrill for the upgradesSOTA reflex clamp and SOTA Supermat user instructionsOriginal AR brochure covering speakers, turntable and amplifierOriginal AR XA Turntable Service ManualInstructions for Grado Signature cartridgesSet-up manual for Linn Basik Plus tonearmSumiko Premier PIB-1 Interface boxMonster Interlink 400 High Resolution stereo cables (not the greatest but again they are free) For lots of information about AR turntables and Merrill upgrades check out Vinyl Nirvana who took over the Merrill mod business: http://www.vinylnirvana.com/ For more information about AR turntables check out this forum: http://www.vinylengine.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=34 Payment by PayPal only - within one day of the end of the auction. Note that I will probably need to ship this in two boxes and thus I want to limit the sale to the 48 continental United States which is what the $45 Flat Rate shipping cost is based on. Shipping cost includes shipping insurance plus signature confirmation of delivery. Someone must sign for delivery!

 140561705433019171 AR XA Merrill Upgraded Vintage Turntable
 140561705433019172 AR XA Merrill Upgraded Vintage Turntable
 140561705433019173 AR XA Merrill Upgraded Vintage Turntable

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